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We provide the professional and friendly support you need to get the best out of your people to drive high performance and innovation and ensure productivity and success.

In House Workshops and Bespoke Training and Development

Whatever you need we can deliver to ensure that you get tangible results to improve your business.  We can offer bespoke management training whether you need to have difficult conversations or improve your team dynamics, we have the experience and tools to enable you get the very best out of your managers and staff.

HR Consultancy

From redesigning your structure to improving your performance management system, we have the skills to help you.  We are experts in change management, transforming culture, improving engagement and making your vision and values really come to life.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to suit your organisation.  Our Senior HR and OD specialists can help you.

Coaching and Mediation

As trained and experienced coaches and mediators we can help you whatever the issue is.  Whether you need to help an individual to reach their full potential or help a group of people find a way forward, Nexus HR is able to support you.

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Managing Underperformance

If the prospect of hiring an HR expert seems expensive, consider the more expensive costs of low output, additional recruitment, and potential tribunal expenses that could arise by not managing underperformance. Cost-wise, an HR expert is always the best financial...

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What Makes A Great Leader?

What makes a great leader?  The traditional top down autocratic leadership style is becoming a thing of the past  for those organisations who are far sighted enough to adapt and change to meet the challenges and expectations of the workforce of the future.  So have...

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