We’re half way through my series of 10 Reasons why HR is a critical resource for all businesses large or small.

If the prospect of hiring an HR expert seems expensive, consider the more expensive costs of low output, additional recruitment, and potential tribunal expenses that could arise by not managing underperformance. Cost-wise, an HR expert is always the best financial option.

Businesses rely on the effective and sustainable performance of their staff, but what happens when this breaks down?

In many cases, managers often choose to do nothing because it can be hugely time-consuming and challenging to manage these situations. There is also the problem that if the situation is not managed using the correct procedures, the process can be easily challenged. In these instances, the help of an HR expertise is critical. Not only can HR specialists assist organisations to effectively manage the problem, but they can also help protect businesses, as well as employees alike to ensure the best overall outcomes.

An HR expert, as an independent party, will also be able to ascertain the reasons for underperformance – for example, the problem might not be with the employee, it might be because the manager sets unrealistic targets which damages morale and dampens enthusiasm. Alternatively a team member may simply be under-skilled and need some additional training in order to perform adequately.