What makes a great leader?  The traditional top down autocratic leadership style is becoming a thing of the past  for those organisations who are far sighted enough to adapt and change to meet the challenges and expectations of the workforce of the future.  So have you ever considered the following?

Working and therefore LEADING collaboratively- and that includes being able to challenge and question the boss. Great leaders will want to get to know their staff and listen to what they have to say, so take a step back:

  • empower staff to deliver the job but holding them to account
  • NEVER  micro-manage
  • allow innovation
  • don’t blame but allow mistakes to happen and learn from them when trying out new things

Be able to admit to that you are not always right!- and that may mean having the courage and conviction to admit that you are wrong! Humility is critical – so can you:

  • ask for help when making decisions
  • acknowledge the experience of others
  • say sorry
  • be true to your word

Valuing different experience- having the breadth of experience in your organisation to be able to generate new ideas and new ways of working. Try –

  • placing job adverts that will attract a wider field of experience. I wonder how the average size firm of Accountants would survive if they specialised in one sector?
  • develop interview questions to maximise opportunity for “outsiders”
  • be receptive to different patterns and ways of working
  • listen intently and be respectful to new ideas however radical they may sound

Get in touch with your feminine side!- evidence shows that businesses benefit enormously from traits that would generally be regarded as female, such as emotional intelligence, diplomacy and complex social skills, so

  • listen
  • empathise
  • engage
  • challenge constructively